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The Funky Door Experience – Sexy Italian Design Meets Wine 

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When you walk into the Funky Door for the first time, a few things will grab your attention. 

Fun with a modern laid-back atmosphere - splashes of unique colors, art, and live music invite you into a surrounding unlike any other. Then you notice a beautiful, gleaming stainless steel contraption that holds 48 different bottles of wine. Toto, we are not in Lubbock anymore! 

This is the Enomatic, and we are one of a handful of restaurants in the world to have it.

This sleek Italian innovation uses harmless inert gas to protect wines from being altered

by oxygen for up to 33 days, stores each wine at its optimum temperature and ensures a pristine wine tasting experience. With so many different wines, choosing can sometimes be intimidating; with the Enomatic system you can taste and find the perfect glass for you. 

Simply purchase a wine card in the amount of your choosing, insert it into the Enomatic and treat yourself to a 1.5, 3, or 6 ounce pour of your wine selection with the push of a button.

Wine pours are priced individually and detailed on a digital screen, so you have total control of your

tasting experience. Have fun educating your palette with one of our suggested flights or create your own. 

“Connoisseur Collection” These are luxurious and rare wines that we are at last able to offer by the glass, thanks to our preservation system. These delightful treasures are offered for a limited time. If you would like a taste or a glass, please let your server or bartender know. Also offered as a 1.5, 3, or 6 ounce pour. 

We have complete bottle service and are proud to offer an impeccable wine list that was painstakingly (What a tough job!) developed to please every taste.

We are happy to offer all of our wines by the glass with a commitment of 2 glasses.

Our wines are carefully selected to pair perfectly with the culinary creations that our chef is known for.

We have knowledgeable servers that would be glad to help you select the perfect match for your meal. If you do not see your favorite, please let us know. 


“He who loves not wine, women and song remains a fool his whole life long.” ―Martin Luther